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I had quite an extraordinary weekend. I had no plans for Saturday except for possibly meeting Red Fox, a furry trucker who was going to be stopping in ABQ for the night. I got a call from albear who was with Red Fox in Ontario, CA. It seemed that the load that was supposed to be picked up wasn't ready and that Red might not get into town until very late. *shrugs* Oh well. What could I do? I continued to just sit around, drink coffee, and catch up on old newspapers.

Just before noon I got a call from jeil_kitty asking me if I wanted to see a movie. I said, "Sure!" I hadn't seen "The Last Samurai" yet, and even though Jeil had, we went to see it. Not a bad flick. About the only bad part were some rednecks sitting in back of us who were laughing at the stupidest things and whooping it up during the battle scenes. Guys, it's not a Bruce Willis/Arnold Shnitzengruber film. I myself, though, had an MST3K moment. When the one cute archer was firing off arrow after arrow and plugging all of the soldiers, I yelled out "Legolas!" I got an elbow in the sides for that.

After the movie I invited Jeil over for some leftover homemade pizza and beer. We then watched "Hannibal." It's interesting that watching someone's brain being eaten doesn't effect one's yiffiness. Much snuggling ensued.

I got a call from Red Fox telling me he was on his way and that he might get in around midnight. Jeil left and I stayed up waiting for Red's call. At about 12:30 I drove down to the local truck stop and met the fox. We yerfed for a good 3+ hours. Thank doG that Taco Bell stayed open until 2. I really do enjoying meeting new furs. It was a nice time. I drove him back to his truck around 3:30, and then I returned home to crash. Sunday was basically spent recovering from staying up all night.
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