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LotR.. take 2

I went to go see RotK again last night with furrysparkles. I must say that I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the first time. Once again I felt the whole ending was a load of crap. Sam and Frodo should have kissed! and not the little peck on the forehead that Frodo gave. No, a big Madonna/Brittany tongue fest. *sigh* I also couldn't help making still more MST3K comments. "Army of Darkness" quotes work SO well in that movie!

and what is it with assholes in the theaters?!? First I had the rednecks in "The Last Samurai" and now I had the mamasita without a brain. Her phone rings during a very quiet scene. So does the bitch quickly turn it off or smother it? No. She answers it and starts talking! The guy next to her yelled at her so she shut up. But does she shut the phone off? No! It rings 2 more times! *facepaws*

After the movie we headed over to Dickies BBQ where we pigged out on brisket sandwiches and hot wings. $3.99 sandwiches on Monday! Whoot!
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