Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


I know I have ranted about network news before, but I experienced such an egregious example of news becoming nothing more than infotainment that I have to post again. I think I scared the house guests that had arrived early to the furmeet on Saturday when I unleashed a string of expletives after confirming my suspicions.

Normally I watch NBC news, but that night I watched ABC because NBC was showing some other program. They did a story about the movie "The Help" and how it was so amazing that 2 African-American actresses were nominated for Oscars. Something smelled fishy as the "reporter" sounded like she was just gushing over the movie. It sounded more like those awful "inside Hollywood" shows where they never say anything bad about an actor or movie for fear of losing potential interviews in the future or worse, losing a potential sponsor! So as the "story" kept going, a cynical lightbulb lit up in my brain. Was what I was thinking a possibility?!? I reached for our copy of the movie and looked at who distributed it. Yup! My suspicion was correct! The movie was released by Touchstone, a subsidiary of Disney. Who owns ABC? Bingo! DISNEY! Those SOB's were essentially doing a commercial for their own %#$@%& movie and calling it news! I was furious! I can just imagine what would happen if a plane crashed and the cause was a faulty engine built by GE. You know that story would get whitewashed by NBC, because guess who owns that network. I won't even comment about Fox.
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