Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Bit of Family History

When I visited albear and dexter_fox last month just prior to FC, I paid a visit to my aunt who only lives a couple of miles from them. The last time I visited my aunt and uncle was right after the Northridge Earthquake. My uncle took me around to some of the more famous sites of destruction around the area. I only saw my aunt and uncle one more time after that when they were taking the train back to LA. There's a nice long stop here in ABQ so we were able to visit for about an hour or so.

We had a nice visit last month. My aunt was the youngest of my father's brothers and sisters. She's the last one still alive. I was the bearer of bad news since I had found info on the Net that her other brother had died a couple of years after my dad. After the death of the other sister, my uncle caused lots of drama, and the family became fragmented. I also told her that her nephew from another brother had just recently died. I found out by doing a search on my name and coming up with the obituary of my cousin who shares part of my name.

Not everything was doom and gloom, however, as she produced a stack of pictures that she wanted to show me. At some point either when her mother or sister died she had grabbed a bunch of family photos. She now wanted to share them with me. It was certainly fascinating to see my dad as a boy and young man. The oldest photo was from 1934 which would have made my dad 8 years old. He was in a Czech play and wore a traditional outfit. Then there was a pic from when he was drafted into the Navy in 1944. Luckily for him (and probably me too) he was sent to the Pacific just after Japan surrendered. Here are the pics.

I just love this pic. Dad's second from the left in the second row. You almost think that they're going to break out in song with "There Ain't Nothin' Like A Dame."

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