Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

"The Tempest"

I think I was on a Helen Mirren (The Queen, The Last Station, RED, Nation Treasure: Book of Secrets) kick when I added the movie to the Netflix queue. I thought it was an updated version of the Shakespeare play. Well, yes and no. They make Prospero a woman (Prospera) but they keep most of the original dialogue from the play. As I had posted about earlier when I walked out of a Shakespeare play, I just don't like the old English language! When the movie started, my heart sank as they all started seemingly speaking in tongues. The movie might as well have been in French! But wait! I discovered something interesting. I wanted to see if they were following the play as true as I had believed. I called up the play on my smartphone, and sure enough, they were using the dialogue from the play almost word for word. Bits were edited here and there, but I actually found great joy in following along. Duh! Why didn't I just turn on the subtitles? I thought about it, but it seemed different following along with the entire play in front of me. I found myself actually enjoying the performance. Whowoulda thunk it?
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