Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

2012 Academy Award Best Live-Action Short Nominations

We hit up the local art-house theater again to see this year's Oscar-nominated live-action short films. This is quickly becoming my favorite category especially now that we can actually see the movies! Seeing small, high-quality films is so refreshing. Like I mentioned last year, it takes a lot of talent to show a well-acted, compelling story in less than 30 minutes.

This year's crop of 5 nominations was a good one! It will be difficult to predict a winner. It was also hard to pick a favorite.

"Pentecost"- From Ireland. How is a Catholic mass like a soccer match? This film does a great job comparing the 2 as an alter boy gets psyched for the "big mass." The ending literally had me LMAO.

"Raju" - From Germany. A German couple travels to Calcutta to adopt a little boy. It starts out as a typical "lost boy in a big city" story, but there is an interesting twist. It's a very good portrayal of the chaos and crush of humanity in India as well as its dark side.

"The Shore" - From Ireland. This was just a darn nice story. A man comes back to his home town after 20 years thinking he had wronged 2 people. It turns out they were afraid they had wronged him. All is well in the end.

"Time Freak" - From the US. A man perfects time travel and then spends all of his time trying to make the perfect day. It was well done and funny. Since it's from the US it will probably win.

"Tuba Atlantic" - From Norway. A very quirky tale of a dying man trying to reach his estranged brother in America. His battle against sea gulls could almost be a Monty Python sketch. I guess this would be the one I am rooting for.
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