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Recipe for Recovery

Thanks for all who responded yesterday. It took a combination of things to make me feel a whole lot better:
Sleep: Hibernated at 11 last night
Accomplishment: I got the Xmas tree put away
Alcohol: A lot less. Just a couple of drinks while taking down the tree, then iced tea (not Long Island) after that.
Exercise: Went for a nice walk at lunch and my usual walk with Anubis
Phone call: Yerfed with sonicblu (finally) for almost 2 hours
New friends: Chatted with wipeout_ut for the first time. He's the only fursuiter in Utah. I know that feeling. I'm looking forward to meeting him at FC.
Old Friends: Wonderful (as always) to chat with albear, dexter_fox, wuffy1970, and Jeff, my Canadian sweetie. Even avenginglioness made me smile with a vision of her wearing a strap on. KWIIIIYEOW!
So now I gotta keep the good vibes flowing.
*HUGS* to y'all.
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