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The other day I took a chance on a movie available on demand from Netflix. It was the title of the subject line which dealt with the famous Beat poem penned by Alan Ginsberg. The movie comprised different elements including the poem being read by James "127 Hours" Franco who played Ginsberg, the poem as background to some funky animation, a biography of Ginsberg, and a focus on the trial where the poem was deemed obscene by the powers that be. I really enjoyed the movie. It really held my interest and made me want to read the entire poem myself.

It really got me thinking about life and society. It echoed a lot of my sentiments about the choice between security and freedom. It certainly is romantic to be able to do what you want to do, go where you want to go, and experience life on your own terms, but there is also a lot to be said about working to have money in your pocket for food and rent. It's nice to sleep and eat in a comfortable house. I find little romanticism in sleeping in rat/roach infested tenements but not having to deal with "The Man" and the constraints society puts on you to be normal. I can also see the point of the differences we all have and that we're all part of humanity, but once again, I see nothing romantic or something to be emulated in junkies and drunks. I do think that we all have our demons and some deal with them while others are ruled by them. I guess that's where we should not be too judgmental such as "let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

It just got me thinking about my own place in life and society. I'm both raging against the machine of society while at the same time suckling from its breast. Anarchy sounds good on paper, but putting it into practice would be totally unacceptable. Doing what we feel whenever we feel like it is enticing, but you realize that society as a whole would collapse if it were put into place. There's something romantic about sitting in a coffee shop talking about life and its meaning until the wee hours of the morning, but there is also work and being productive. I think I have found a nice middle ground where I am living now, although being in the middle means also feeling like a sellout to both sides. I like my free spirit self running around in an animal costume, laughing at the soccer moms in their SUVs going to church every Sunday. On the other paw I scoff at the hipsters who work dead-end jobs in coffee shops whose only concern is what concert to attend on Friday night. And yet both lives have their attractions to me. I guess the bottom line is to continue to be myself; something that should be so easy to do, yet it always seems to be so hard.
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