Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Really Bad Movies

I have run through a batch of real stinkers on Netflix and elsewhere over the past few days. I think the ones on Netflix were put there because I just went through the paper a few months ago and added everything that was currently in the theaters. That was a mistake.

"Water For Elephants" - I may have put this on the list because Kitty said it was a really good book. She saw it in the theaters and didn't really like it. I guess it just stayed in the queue. I watched it by myself and, yeah, it was really "Meh". I really hate it when they work up a plot that just seems so ridiculous. So a pretty boy (Robert Pattinson of "Twilight" fame) is just about ready to graduate with a vet degree, but on the day of the final exam his parents die so he never becomes a vet. What?!? And the bodies of his parents are not even cold before the bank forecloses on the house. What?!? The only thing good I can say about the movies was that it had a nice steam train in it.

"Larry Crowne" - Hey! Tom Hanks! Julia Roberts! Bryan Cranston! Star power! There should be lots of great chemistry! NOT! This film was just a mess. Tom Hanks is a middle-aged man who gets laid off. So he goes back to school at a community college where Julia Roberts is a horrible teacher. What is his plan of action to re-invent himself. Oh, just take some classes and get a job as a cook in a diner. What?!? Oh! And hang out with a bunch of kids who are 18-21 and try to act young. Hey! That sounds like me! *lol* If I start acting that lame, however, please feel free to shoot me. About the only good thing in this trainwreck is a performance by George Takei.

"Bad Teacher" - It should be renamed "Bad Movie." I was expecting something of a comedy here, but I certainly wasn't laughing. Cameron Diaz plays a character who is so reprehensible that there is not a single thing you care about her. Heck, even watching "Downfall" you kinda care about Hitler. In "Silence of the Lambs" you kinda root for Hannibal. All you want to do in this movie is punch her in the face and throw her under a train especially since she is supposed to be teaching and caring about kids (which she doesn't do). Just awful.
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