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Why some people shouldn't own dogs

I tend to think of topics for my LJ posts while walking Anubis. Just being alone on the mesa with the wide open spaces, the quiet, and the beauty of the setting sun allows my mind to wander and to look in on itself. I can then sleep on those thoughts and post them the next morning. Well, my routine got a little derailed last night due to an incident.

I was walking along with my thoughts when a Jeep Cherokee pulled up and the driver frantically asked if I had a cell phone. She had run over her dog and needed to call her husband/boyfriend? to help. Having walked up on the mesa for over 4 years I have come to know the "regulars," those I see with their dogs on a regular basis. I recognized the Jeep and the very friendly golden retriever in the back seat. It was her other dog, a husky that was lying in the road somewhere. She made the call and I asked if I could help. She said that the husky was in pain and if she tried to move it, it would bite. She had been bitten once already. So she zoomed back to where her dog was to wait for her man and I continued my walk.

Here's the first part of the rant. Yes, I knew this woman. She was one of the clueless fucks that "walked" their dogs by letting the dog run along side the vehicle. It always pissed me off because it just seemed so wrong. I LOVE to walk my dog. It's about the only exercise I do on a regular basis because I enjoy it so much. And Anubis loves to get out and sniff and mark such a huge territory. He's the master of 1000 acres. Is it so freaking hard to get off you ass for a half hour and walk?!? Add that to the fact that she really has little control over the dogs while she is safe and warm in her little metal box. In the past whenever they saw Anubis they would come running over to sniff. She would roll down the window and yell at them and honk the horn, but of course they paid her no mind. So obviously she was oblivious to the location of the husky and drove over it.

As I continued my walk and looped back around, I started to hear crying. I finally saw where she was and walked over. The sad mournful sounds wafted on the breeze and I thought it was the woman crying over her injured perhaps dying dog. I myself almost started crying. It was only when I got to the vehicle did I see that it was the dog whining in pain, not the woman. Her man got there the same moment I did. He tried to pick the dog up was quickly and severely bitten on the hand. He then spent the rest of the time worrying about HIS pain. They tried to get the dog on a blanket so they could pick it up. The dog was snapping so much, I didn't want to get near. They half-heartedly try to muzzle the dog, but each time they tried to move it, it would pull free and start to bite. I just shook my head. They needed to clamp the dogs jaws shut HARD just for a few seconds to get the blanket underneath it, but they didn't want to get close to its jaws. He then suggested that they call Animal Control to help out. Inside my brain I was covering my eyes and shaking my head. You clueless piece of shit! They aren't going to drive up on the mesa to help you with your own dog. He then decided that he would go home and get e bigger blanket. he also asked me if he thought the vet would drive up there to help. I finally had enough and left. I hope they got the poor thing to the vet. I hope they spent the money to have him taken care of. I hope the clueless bitch learned a hard lesson.

I went home and snuggled with Anubis.
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