Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Day 1 with Mom

So far so good in Chicago. My flight came in close to on time and Mom actually picked me up at the airport. Midway is only about 4-5 miles away, but the streets are busy. She did just fine. She's somewhat the stereotypical grey head barely visible above the seat/steering wheel, but she does ok. We spent a few hours going through a pile of old pictures mainly of my sister when she was a girl. There were a few of me as a cub as well which might make their way to LJ once I'm home and have access to a scanner.

Mom's overall condition is pretty good. I think my being here has boosted her spirits. Her friends from church invited her/us to breakfast this morning, and we went. Sitting there at the table listening to all of the gossip made me realize that she really is well taken care of here by her friends. She does have a good support network. I'm also glad that I got the hell out of here judging from all of the gossip/drama that got whispered around the table. Yikes! It's like LJ without a computer! *lol*

I also had a good moment just a little while ago when I went out into the yard. The extremely nice Hispanic neighbor was out in her yard and she called me over. We have met several times before including with me in fursuit. She was very concerned about Mom. We hugged after she told me that she will be keeping an eye out for Mom because she was almost like an "abuelita." So my mind is at ease that people are and will be looking out for her. I kinda also decided that I will make an appearance at MFF this November. It will give me another excuse to come to Chicago for a little while and spend some time with Mom.
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