Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Chicago Update

Not much new to report. I'm just spending a lot of time at home with mom. I have figured out that loneliness and a feeling of isolation are her biggest problems. I'm going to have to call her more often than once a week when I get home. She really cheers up when people call her on the phone during the day. She has already told me that she's really going to miss me when I head home tomorrow.

I tend to make fun of the tradition furry/geek who lives in mom's basement. After spending a week living in a similar situation, it only strengthens that opinion. I apologize if you're in a situation like this due to economic conditions, but not having a life totally to yourself is something I just cannot understand. I can totally see living close by to ones parents, but sharing the same roof is something I cannot. You really have to become your own person, and having such a close association with parents seems like a totally limiting factor. I know this is supposedly becoming a new trend and that the stigma of living at home into your 20's and 30's is diminishing, but seriously, you need to get the fuck out on your own. You need to live out there without a net or at least not rely on a net. Once again, I know the recession has hit a lot of people very hard, but you really shouldn't have to depend on a parent that much for so long. OK. No more soap box on that subject. All I know is that I can't wait to sleep in my own bed, eat my own food, and run around naked or in a fursuit if I so wish.

I made a polish sausage run yesterday, so I will be stinking up the plane with 5 pounds of tasty meat. I also got an ethnic food fix at a local restaurant where I enjoyed beef with dill sauce with dumplings and cabbage. All of that was washed down with Czech beer. *burp*

I've continued my routine of at least a 2-mile walk every day, preferably along the railroad tracks. I'll have to post a few pics for my foaming furry friends. The weather has been pretty crappy. It looks like I'll be bringing the crappy weather home with me. Meh.
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