Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Bad Day of Fursuiting... better than a good day at work. OK. I stole that from another saying where "fursuiting" was replaced by "fishing," but both are valid! When you can have 2 days of fursuiting AS work...then it's definitely a win-win situation! I played Otto Otter for the Children's Water Fiesta in Santa Fe and it was a great time. For every tail-puller/head-slapper/general douchebag, there were 20 or so awesome kids who got into the whole experience. You definitely get a "performer's high" when you turn a corner and are confronted with 200+ 4th graders, and you hear an audible *gasp* followed by squeals of delight. There were so many memorable moments over the past couple of days. You definitely start grinning from ear to ear when you hear your handler tell you that you pretty much had the attention of every kid when you show up at lunch time. And when you're getting depressed that some tard kid kept trying to take your head off to prove that there was a man inside the suit you hear about a little girl who had to be convinced by her friends that there was a person inside the suit. So, yes, I am exhausted, but it is a wonderful sense of being tired. You know you're doing something right when you can develop a cheer on the spot of O-T-T-O (to YMCA) and have a whole bunch of kids get into it. Yes. Performer success!
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