Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Another Revolution

...around the Sun, that is, for myself. I think it's in the Beatles "Revolution #9" when you hear in the background, "a little bit older and a little bit slower." I'm just happy to be around.

We had a little early celebration a few days ago at a nice seafood restaurant. Kitty said that there would be a couple of people there, but she actually surprised me with almost a small furmeet. Many thanks to all that showed up especially scritchwuff, sophie_manx, skitzycat, zippiner, gamegoth, deviantvixen, eaglem16, dragoncrescent, and surprise guest furrysparkles as well as a few w/o LJ such as Jody, Joseph, Logan, and Alex.

Once I saw everyone at the table, I commented that I should have been retardedly furry and worn my ears and tail. Well, Sophie presented me with a gift of ears and a tail, so I ended up being retardedly furry anyway. Good times. Tonight it's dinner at our local Brazilian restaurant, aka "the meat faucet." I get a freebie!
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