Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


I had an interesting and frightening experience last night while on walkies with Mesa. We were just about home and ready to come down off of the mesa when I heard a loud humming. The whole area is covered in blooming scorpionweed so I figured the bees must be having a feast. It was worse than that. I was amazed how quickly all of my brain's synapses fired. I looked up to see a large black cloud heading for me. I was about to be overrun by a whole swarm of bees. Poor Mesa was about 6' in front of me. I yelled, "Come!" and made a beeline (pun intended) for the edge of the mesa. Unfortunately there is about a 10' cliff right there. I quickly found a place where I would be able to head down. I then made the horror movie mistake of stopping and turning around. This time, however, it was a good move. The swarm had shifted direction and was heading off. It kinda reminded me of the smoke monster from "Lost." So all was well. Neither of us got stung. The only bad part was that I pulled a calf muscle in my frantic dash to the edge of the mesa. The whole experience was kinda like this:
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