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"Guide to Teenage Popularity"

I can't remember who sang that song back in the 90's. *shrug*

This was the post I was working up in my mind the night before last. I am happy that I am approaching 100 "Friends Of" in my LJ. It's a great feeling to me knowing that 7 months ago I knew very few fursons and now there are 100 people out there that think my ramblings are moderately interesting. I find Live Journal interesting because it can be different things to different people, and it has developed its own culture, so to speak. It's amazing how sensitive people get when you "unfriend" them. Others get frustrated when nobody responds to their posts. Others write what others want to hear or edit their own lives to suit the needs of others. I keep telling people, it's YOUR freaking journal! Write what you want!

Of course my ego is strutting around going, "Oh yeah! We bad! We gots 100 friends! Hooyeah!" But then, that's not what this is all about. I want good quality relationships. I want to know and care about everyone on my list. And when I add someone, I want it to be because I feel that person is interesting, and I want to know more about them. I hope people add me for the same reason. I don't want to add somebody simply because they are a "big name" or is a member of a particular clique. *shudders* Here I thought I left all of that bullshit behind in high school, and yet I see it still exists. I find it sad and frustrating to me because I really and truly want to be friends to as many furs as I can. I am always willing to meet and befriend any good furson. It's sad that some feel they have to take on an air of superiority once they have achieved a certain level. I was discussing this with another fur the other day and it also became pretty apparent when ursuscal had his SIG completely rejected by the FC group.

I'm sure this stuff goes on in the artist community quite frequently from some of the things I've heard. I can see evidence of it in the fursuiting community as well. I refuse to play the game, however. There are way too many good hearted fursuiters out there with which to interact.

So yeah, I wanna love and be loved. Isn't that a basic human desire? I want to be popular in the sense that people enjoy my company and want to be my friend. But I am not going to turn myself into something I don't want to become simply to attract more friends or boost my status.
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