Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Boring Weekend Post

This was a tale of two weekend days. Saturday was work my tail off day. Sunday was chill and do pretty much nothing. The kitties probably benefited the most since I spent a lot of time outside. They had many hours frolicking in the yard chasing moths, butterflies, birds, and bugs. I'm not exactly sure who made the initial capture, the cats or the dog, but a chipmunk met its fate in the jaws of Mesa.

I'm finally trying to kickstart my upper yard project. I'm separating out all of the landscape rock that had been placed up there. Talk about a tedious project. I want a nice blank canvas when I finally decide what I want to put up there. I'm still leaning towards a patio with fire pit. The views of the Sandias are so nice up there.

I also spent over an hour brushing out fursuits. Sabot, Abbey, and Otto all got baths since REI finally had their down sleeping bag detergent in stock. That stuff works wonders on fursuits. Sabot is going on 9 years and he still looks good.

Sunday was a lazy day. The weather was so nice. I just sat on the patio and read a book. That's right! Not a sports page! Not a magazine! A book! I had been looking for my copy of "The Golden Compass" but couldn't find it. I grabbed my "Chronicles of Narnia" and made another attempt at finishing it up. It felt perfectly decadent just sitting and doing nothing.

I also watched a few films, mostly foreign. "Flame and Citron" was pretty good. It was about the Danish resistance during WWII. "North Face" was about the first ascent of the north face of the Eiger. "The Skin in Which I Live" was a creepy movie from Spain about a doctor who turns his daughter's rapist into his wife. Yeahhhhhh.
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