Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Say Yes To The Fursuit

I'm always one to ask if I will get my money's worth if I purchase something. That's especially true now since I have adopted a "no stuff" attitude. Nine years ago when I was contemplating buying a fursuit I asked myself if it would be worth the money to buy one. Sure, it had been a lifelong dream to do so, but would it be $1000 flushed down the toilet for a few moments of pleasure. Of course the impractical side of me said that it shouldn't matter how much the cost is (within some reason) if it could satisfy a dream. Of course I bought the suit and another and another etc. While I poo-poo the idea of a person spending $2-3K on a suit that might be worn to a convention or 2, I had a revelation the other day while Kitty was watching a trashy reality show on TLC. There are whole shows devoted to women buying the perfect wedding dress. In the show they struggle to find that perfect dress to make the most important day in their lives a perfect one. Wait a minute! It is perfectly normal for a woman to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to buy a dress that will be worn only once (perhaps twice if it is remade for a daughter later). So it shouldn't be that out of the ordinary or even bizarre to buy a fursuit that only gets worn once or twice. Perhaps a furry's most special day will be when he or she can attain a form as close to their fursona as possible. Perhaps walking down the aisle of a convention center could be considered just as important as walking down the aisle of a church. You can tell that I am not a big fan of the pomp and circumstance of huge weddings costing a small fortune.
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