Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Furries in Comics

This may be old news to those that are into comic books, but there are/were some wonderful furry characters to be found in the whole superhero genre. I was never big into superheroes myself, save Batman. I never collected a lot of superhero books primarily due to the fact that there were always so many crossovers and split-offs. You would start reading a story in one book and then have to switch to another book to see how the story ended. Perhaps two separate stories merged so you would have to go back and buy the other series to get the whole backstory.

Anyway...I digress. I found a bunch of old comics and thumbed through them. A few had anthro characters on the cover which immediately drew me in. Here are 2 examples of what I found.

The first was Rahne from The New Mutants. I'm hoping to see her on the screen if they keep up the X-Men movie franchise.

The other one I found was Werehawk from The Futurians. Never heard of the series before.

I think it was amusing that one of the other superheroes in the series thinks "Dear Lord, is he creepy!" as he transforms. Yup. Definitely sounds like a furry. *lol* There was another character named Blackmane who seemed to be some sort of anthro. He kinda reminded me of Beast.

It's rather amusing to read the character histories in either Wikipedia or on Marvel's own Wiki. My doG! They read like such soap operas! I guess if you were 8-10 years old, however, it would be filled with awesomeness.
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