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This is a tangent post to yesterday's.

What is the definition of fanboi? We have all heard about the stereotypical overweight and smelly person wandering around conventions taking up residence in the con suite. But what constitutes a fanboi? Do they have no social skills and simply glom onto a celebrity so that they feel important? Does anybody know of an honest to goodness fanboi or have any fanboi stories?

I'm just wondering if a fanboi is a particular person, or do we all have a little fanboi in each of us. I remember attending Confurence last year (my 1st con) and getting to meet Steve Gallacci. It was back in 1985 when I picked up a copy of "Albedo," the 2nd anthro comic I ever bought, and the furry switch was thrown in my head. I became a furry fan. I wrote Steve a few letters (yes, letters. There was no email). I think I might have even had one published in "Fusion." Anyway, here I was standing FTF with someone who I have been "idolizing" for 18 years. I shook his hand and introduced myself as "a fanboi from 1985." We chatted briefly and that was it. I later asked him to autograph an issue of Albedo which I had purchased. He seemed like a pretty cold fish. I later learned at AC that he hates signing autographs. *shrugs*

I guess fanbois put the rest of us at a disadvantage. If I like a particular artist, I have to think twice before sending them an email or friending them because of the fanboi stigma. It took me a long time before I wrote to John "The Gneech" Robey to say that I really enjoyed "The Suburban Jungle." But what was deeper than just a liking of a comic strip was his furry philosophy. He wasn't just an anthroporphic artist, he was a furry! I used that plus my friendship of his other friend and neighbor, camstone to break the ice in an email. I met him briefly in furson at AC, but I still haven't added him as a friend. Why? Because I still don't want to be perceived as a fanboi. Bah. It's silly I know.

I also went through the same thing with tygercowboy. Here was this fur that has appeared on the BBC special as well as the infamous "Vanity Fair" article. He has hundreds of friends on his LJ. I don't even know the guy. Why should I friend him? Yes, I felt like a fanboi. But I went ahead and friended him anyway. Shortly after I was surprised to see he friended me. We now chat occasionally, and I would consider him a friend. I even joked with him that I felt like a TC fanboi. It wasn't because he was such a well known fur that drew me to him. It was the fact that he was a leader and an organizer and it seemed as if he had woven a fairly tight furry community in the Midwest. That is something I would like to do myeslf for the community in the Southwest.

O.K. I've rambled on enough. I am curious as to how others view/perceive the concept of the fanboi.
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