Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Drought

We have been living under drought conditions here in NM for just about 20 years now. There has been one really good snow year (2005) and one really good monsoon year (2006) as well as a few average years, but overall we have been dry dry dry including the driest year on record (2002). We knew that this was going to be a pretty bad year based on how the snowpack didn't develop and then when it did start to melt, nothing made it to the streams. All this time we have been releasing water for endangered fish while the irrigation district has been burning through their supply in the reservoir. The situation is even more dismal down south where there is hardly any water to be allocated. The same can be said for the Pecos River basin. It looks like my assessment of the situation, which was used by the media, was's really going to suck.

I'm just really depressed in a professional/scientific sort of way. I feel like those farmers from the Dust Bowl era where they look longingly upward towards the cloudless sky. I get so frustrated reading the daily weather forecasts to see only slight chances for rain followed by forecasts of hot, dry weather. Our monsoon season is still about 2 weeks away (although it technically begins on Friday) and that is a crap shoot. I have heard nothing about a nice plume of moisture building up in Mexico. I'm still hoping for a hurricane to come up the Gulf of California, but that usually doesn't happen until September when steering currents are more favorable. I know this is a desert, but this is getting ridiculous.
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