Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Political Bear

Ever since I saw pics of cubstatik fursuiting at an anti-Bush protest during one Califur, I have been wanting to do a little political fursuiting myself. I finally got my opportunity. Sandia Mountain Bear Watch was going to protest the NM Game and Fish office due to their seemingly anti-bear stance. One study showed about 50 or so bears living on the mountain, but over the year 45 bears have either been killed or relocated by Game and Fish. No one is really sure how many bears are left in the Sandias.

I took a couple of hours off from work today to join the protest. Unfortunately the office was in a fairly remote area with mostly commercial enterprises around. I parked about a block away and changed in the back of the Furmobile. As I walked up to the protest there was a cheer. Everyone was happy to see me there. Lots of pics were taken by people wanting me to hold their protest sign. I waved to the few cars that did pass by and got some honks. Finally the media showed up. Time to put on my A-game. I became the typical fursuiting attention whore. Everyone loved it as I fired up the crowd like a sports mascot. I'm expecting to be on every local network tonight as well as in the paper tomorrow. We shall see. Of course I'll post links if it comes true.
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