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Bear bits

Not much to report today. Finally got to chat with perro yesterday! Yay! Fun to chats wit da mutt. Also had a nice chat with ursajmajor *hugz da bear* I crashed hard at 10. Unfortunately I didn't hear the phone, so I missed yerfing with tenax who now has his very own fursuit! So now we're up to 3 suiters in New Mexico! Whoot! Speaking of fursuits, I WILL be working the Bird and Bat Festival on Saturday, most likely as Abbey. I noticed his paws are getting worn through. I'll have to order some new ones. Darkstone makes great suits, but their standard paws are for the shits if worn outside a lot.

I pick up my mom from the airport this afternoon. She will be house/dog/cat sitting while I'm at FC. I haven't seen her since July when I passed through going to AC. There should be some good conversations. It's been about 10 months since dad died, so I'll get a better handle on how she's been coping. Add that to the fact that she now knows she has a gay furry son....oh yeah. Good conversations. She's bringing a few bottles of rock-n-rye (which I can't find in NM) so I hope to have a few alcohol-lubricated discussions with her. It should make for some interesting posts in the next few days.

Also, to my roomies at FC, we will now have our own mini fridge! I bought one at Target for $65.
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