Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

In The Paper Again

I'm finding out a lot about politics and the media. The other day an organization asked if I could release water to help out some trout. Things are SO dry that native flow is pretty much nothing. I would be happy to help, but I can't just release water from a reservoir on a whim. People own that water. I suggested that they contact the irrigation district that has some water to move from one reservoir to another. The only downside is that once they move water from one reservoir to another, they may suffer evaporation losses. They figured the increased losses would be minimal, so they agreed. I talked to the newspaper reporter that put my famous "sucks" quote in the paper months ago. He was very excited about this story. The trout group put out a very favorable press release. I provided a little background information, but that was about it. This morning there was a fairly extensive article in the paper that praised everyone involved that we could come together so quickly and be very proactive. It was very positive. What little water the irrigation district could lose to evaporation was a small price to pay for such positive press. On our end we looked like we could quickly respond to a crisis. I've already received some kudos for my part. It's nice to finally feel appreciated.
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