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Just by chance I have been renting a lot of movies distributed by the Weinstein Company. Of course they fill the trailer section of their dvd's with other movies from their company. Having watched "My Week With Marilyn," "The Iron Lady," and "W.E." which were all distributed by them, I saw a trailer for "Coriolanus" a few times. It looked like a pretty interesting flick starring good actors such as Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler. It seemed to be yet another modern update of a Shakespeare play. In reading some reviews it also seemed that, like the recently-watched "The Tempest," all of the dialogue was right out of the play.

I had posted about "The Tempest" in that my enjoyment of the movies went up considerably once I opened the play on my phone and was able to read along with the movie. Someone also suggested just turning on the subtitles, but having stage cues and other bits of information was even better. Having never even heard of the play "Coriolanus" I decided to go one better and read the actual play before watching the movie. Good move! I didn't read it as in-depth as I would of had it been an English assignment, but I read it enough to get the basic plot and the major characters. I know you're supposed to read Shakespeare to appreciate the flowing prose and iambic pentameter, but I just glossed over it to get the basic meaning.

The end result was that I was able to thoroughly enjoy the movie. The acting was superb, especially Fiennes. The time and location were changed from ancient Rome to a hypothetical modern-day city/state also named "Rome." It very much reminded me of "Richard III" (which had an outstanding performance by Ian McKellen). I was pleasantly surprised.
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