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Con badge DYI

Everyfur has a con badge, right? Well, there are a few lame-os like me who have yet to commission one. I will hopefully do it at FC next week, but in the meantime I decided to make my own so I will at least have one. This follows in the tradition set forth by amaruk who made a con badge using a copy of a Dark Natasha print. He had asked permission beforehand and she agreed. Me, I don't know who the artist was for the pic I used. It was from the cover of a Williams Brewing catalog from the 90's. I always saved the covers since they were bear-themed. They unfortunately stopped the bear covers a few years ago. So with a quick scan and a little fun in Word I created this:

I think this pic is as close to my ideal form as I have ever seen. It is just ME! I absolutely love the pic.

In other news, I also printed up some business cards to pass out which contain all of my online info. it's pretty easy making professionally looking cards using Word templates and pre-measured card stock that I picked up at Staples. It was a bit pricey (I think), $14 for 200 cards. Of course if you screw up, that's $0.70 a sheet wasted. Yeah, I'm a cheapskate.

In still other news, mom is safe and sound at home. We went out to an all you can eat soup and salad place. We chatted a bunch. It was the first time she ever called me "a furry" which I thought was cool. I'm sorry I wasn't online longer, but I wanted to spend some time just chatting with her.

Speaking of chatting, I hope growlcoon and I can have another go at chat. Our first real chat got a little weird. Let's try that again. Rather than log back on after I shut down to talk with ma, I decided to give albear a call. We yerfed for an hour, sometimes laughing our asses off. Who said you needed to be drunk to act totally silly.
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