Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Body Count

I realize that news is more than just about a body count when a tragedy happens like the shooting in Colorado. I'm just amazed how one story can grab the headlines while another story of equal gravity goes almost completely unnoticed. As I was looking at the headlines for the Colorado shooting I noticed another story at the bottom of the page. It appears that a pickup truck full of suspected illegal immigrants crashed in Texas yesterday, killing 14. There were estimated to be over 20 people crammed into the truck. What I find shocking was that this story didn't even make the evening news. Penn State made the news. The Olympics made the news. 14 dead wetbacks obviously isn't news. I checked the CNN website this morning and I couldn't even find the story. Had I imagined it?!? No, I found it on a Houston news site. Even on that site the story was somewhat buried by the Colorado shooting. Not only is the loss of life depressing with both stories, but the almost total lack of caring for one incident is also pretty depressing.
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