Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

RMFC Report

After a 3-year hiatus, I returned to Rocky Mountain FurCon. I must say that overall I was very pleased with the experience. Like Califur, it was a nice relax-o-con where it was possible to just sit and chat with people as well as take part in con events. It was relatively easy to meet up with folks as opposed to the hectic and frantic pace of a humungo-con. I was bit concerned that the hotel was close to a ghetto area of Denver, but nice shiny new development in the area is making it a rather pleasant place. There certainly was no lack of good restaurants within easy walking distance.

I introduced HD, my husky character, at this con. HD could stand for Husky Dog, but his real name is Herp Derp since he had this derpy expression on his muzzle. I used that as a jumping off point to develop his character. Since he is very muscular, I decided to make him into a body builder type like the guy from a commercial I had mentioned in an earlier post who goes to a gym and simply states (in an Arnold-esque voice) "I lift things up and put them down." So I had a lot of fun walking through the hotel hallways always stopping at mirrors to admire my physique. At one point I lost a claw so I started crying like a little girl. Good times.

I went out in Quewe once and had a bad experience. For some reason I started panicking in suit. I got very claustrophobic and felt I couldn't breathe. I popped into the headless lounge and freaked out while Kitty struggled to get the suit open. My heart was racing. I know he is a tough suit to wear, but I had learned to control my breathing and stay calm. I ended up cutting a small hole near my mouth so that I could at least get fresh air. Perhaps I just started hyperventilating from breathing in too much of my own CO2. *shrugs* I'll have to work on that since I really like the attention he gets.

So overall it was a good experience. The hotel security was somewhat douchy, but what are you gonna do? The layout was good. I actually went to some programming. The dealer's den was a nice size. And as I had already mentioned, the people were really great. I'll definitely be back again next year.
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