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Nothing earth-shattering to report today. Had dinner with mom at Olive Graden last night. I complained to the manager when they brought the entree about 2 minutes after they brought the salad. I HATE that! Their chicken and portabello lasagna was pretty darn tasty, though.

I realized that mom still has a long way to go in her grieving process. She still has a tendency to break down any time she mentions dad. But she herself realizes that you just can't forget about 47 years of marriage in one year or 10.

We also danced around the subject of my sexuality. She made the comment about not doing anything at FC that she wouldn't do. I laughed and told her that I will do many things that I will be happy to tell her about when I returned, as well as many things that a mother shouldn't know about her son. She also let on that she had suspected my "leanings" for some time but didn't want to broach the subject. I wanted to discuss that more with her, but not in a busy restaurant.

I think I have my FC prop problem solved. I needed something that could pass as a large tranquilizer dart. After weeks of racking my brain I finally came up with someting....a turkey baster. Pop the bulb off. Make the back look "feathery" with dyed cotton balls. And wrap the body in duct tape to make it look silvery and viola! So now I just have to record the soundtrack and dialogue and I'll have a skit! Oh, and a little help from dexter_fox and a couple fursuiters.

and now....back to work.
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