Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

For the Birds

I don't maintain a "life list" like most hardcore birdwatchers do, but I do like to note when I spot a new species. Yesterday a yellow warbler paid a visit to the yard. I had never seen one before. It flitted around the tree outside of the kitchen window for a few minutes and then it was gone. It got me thinking about how many other unique feathery friends have paid a visit over the years without me knowing. I know for a few years running an oriole would hang out in the yard for a few hours and then be gone for another year.

I was also out in the field again yesterday working on my well project. I got out early to avoid the mid-day heat. It was actually very pleasant being out in the forest along the Rio Grande. There were birds flitting all around me and I tried to spot and identify them. Most were too quick and high up in the canopy. At one point a large shadow crossed over me. I was startled and looked up. A great blue heron had landed in a tree in back of me. In addition to the heron there were flocks of geese in their "V" formations flying up and down the river. Woodpeckers and flickers are constantly pounding away on dead cottonwood trees which are fairly common in the forest thanks to numerous recent fires. One of these weekends I just need to head on down to the river in the early part of the morning and do some birdwatching especially as we get closer to migration season.
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