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Well, last night, as camstone had predicted, I talked with my mom some more and we started delving deeper into the subject of being gay and furry. She kept bringing up the point that she doesn't want to see me hurt. I kept pressing her on what that meant. Was she afraid of gay bashing? AIDS? Discrimination? Finally I realized that she was simply afraid of love. She was afraid I would get into a bad relationship. It didn't matter if it was gay or straight. I guess she is gun-shy after having to experience all of my sister's asshole boyfriends. I simply told her that one has to sometimes risk a broken heart to finally find their one true love.

I also found out that another problem is her internal conflict between the love of God and the love of her son. She's a devout Catholic and therefore follows the religious doctrine of the Pope. If he says gays are evil, then she has to accept his word. But then she loves her son more than anything in the world and knows that he's not evil. I guess if she could "save" me from the evils of homosexuality, then maybe it could be a win-win situation....for her. And maybe it's not so much the fact that I'm gay that bothers her but rather the fact that I engage in gay sex. If I just lived together with another man, called him my lover, but slept in separate beds, then it would be o.k. Anyway, it was a good discussion, and it will probably continue.

After the talk I put on Abbey Raccoon for her. She thought he was cute. After I gave her a hug in suit she went to watch t.v. and I started chatting with albear. I unintentionally squicked poor Al. I told him that I had discussed our relationship with my mom, including the "love triangle" with Dex. He couldn't believe I had talked so openly about it. I then squicked him some more by telling him I showed her part of the MTV Sex2K show. I wanted to show her a few scenes of a con so that there would be no mystery about where I was going next week. I also wanted to show her the scene where Mike Yote suits for his mom. Every time I see that I think of my mom. And I was right. The reaction was the same.

I tried to squick mom this morning with my leopard print pj's. Nope. She liked them.

And now.....I am off to suit! I'll write a report on that later.
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