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I, Robot

I came to the conclusion last night that I have been living the past 15 years as a robot. Of course emotions were there, but they were something to be analyzed and translated into data for later retreival. Perhaps I have some Vulcan in me. Nah. That's nerdspeak. I'm finding it amusing that I had to become an animal to discover my human side.

So last night was a prime example of all of the stuff I have been writing about. While my heart was lying bleeding on the floor, I took the time out to help another fur go through a problem with his relationship. While one friendship was running aground on the rocks, two more set sail. And when I thought all was dark, I was pounced and hugged by yet another furiend. So today I will erect a lighthouse to warn of the shallow rocks and try to get the ship refloated and sailing again. Rule #1 of robots is harm no human.
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