Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Urban Wildlife

I added yet another bird to my list today. I was sitting in the backyard when I saw an unusual bird flitting about. It sorta looked like a typical sparrow or finch, but it had a reddish brown crown which sometimes poofed up into a little tuft. I had never seen a bird like that before. I got out the binos and noted the distinguishing features. I consulted the bird books and quickly identified it as a green-tailed towhee. One of the other distinguishing characteristics is that its call sounds like "mew." Right on cue it called and it sounded just like a kitten. We'll have to see if he sticks around or if he is on his way south. I noticed the yellow warbler I posted about a few weeks ago is still hanging around the yard. Yay birds!

The other wildlife encounter today happened while Kitty and I were heading off to breakfast. About 2 blocks from the house I noticed a couple of dogs hanging out on the street corner. Nothing unusual about that, except they were coyotes, not dogs. There they were just a few feet away from the street with seemingly not a care in the world. I don't know if they had raided a garbage can or if someone had thrown out food for the birds, but one ran off with what looked like a roll in his mouth. Earlier in the week I had spotted a yote not too far from where these 2 were. I hope our new furballs are yote savvy.
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