Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Great Rainfurest Road Trip

Tomorrow I depart on what I hope to be an epic road trip to Rainfurest and other points in the Northwest. I just booked my motel for tomorrow in the booming metropolis of Richfield, UT. Then it's on to Boise to spend the night with anya_silverfur and sphinxbait. Then it's off to Pendleton, OR to spend the night with an old friend and ex co-worker. Then it's off to Yakima, WA where I got my first semi-permanent job back in 1990. Finally I will be arriving in Seattle on Wednesday where I hope to spend some quality time with ex-NM Fur ari_foxy. So if you're going to the con, definitely look for me! I'll try to hang out in public spaces as much as possible to yerf with friends. No, Kitty will not be coming with me because she just started a new job and bitch needs to be making me money *pimpslap* I'll try to make daily updates from the road. This should be a great time!
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