Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Roadtrip - Day 2

I am making this post from Chez Kitsune in Boise, ID. It was another fine day on the road. Whereas the scenery yesterday was really spectacular in a sense of form and color, today's scenery was spectacular in its sense of scale. As an example, I spotted a car coming towards me. I decided to see how long it would take for us to pass. I noted a mileage marker at that moment. The other car finally passed me some 3 miles down the road. As I approached the UT/NV border, I noticed a settlement on the horizon. I speculated it was one of the border "towns" where there might be a casino and possibly a cat house. The mileage marker was "5", meaning 5 to the border. When I finally arrived there, it was, in fact, the border. So it was a day of totally getting lost in the vastness of the region. There are few places in the country where the next gas station is 124 miles away.

The details of the day was a trip westward on Highway 50, which has been designated as "The loneliest road in America." It crosses classic basin and range topography with broad valleys and steep mountain ranges. I realized that I had taken this highway back in 1989. It was June 3 when I arrived at Great Basin National Park. As I was traveling across country the biggest news story was the growing protest movement in China. Things looked like they were really going to change! I spent the next day hiking in the park. The next day I resumed my drive west and heard the news on NPR that the protest had been brutally put down. It was over just like that.

After Ely, NV I headed north on Highway 93 where there was the 100+ mile gap of gas stations. I stopped for lunch in the booming metropolis of Wells, NV which is famous for being near the epicenter of a M6+ earthquake in 2008. The historic downtown is still in ruins.


I didn't take any other pics today. The weather was sort of gray and crappy. It even rained on me on and off. It was exciting to see yellows and reds staring to show in the vegetation at the higher elevations. I will be glad to have the Summer of '12 over and done with.
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