Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Best Day at the Con...

...was a day not spent at the con. Yesterday was an outstanding day in my book. Like I posted about yesterday, I was feeling a lot better and wanted to get out and see the great American city of Seattle. I managed to get scritchwuff out of bed as well as contact ari_foxy who was out about town doing mundane tasks. Scritch and I headed downtown on light rail and met up with Ari. The first order of business was food since we were all starving. Nice big bowls of pho were the tickets. It was then off to various viewpoints/overlooks where we got spectacular vistas of the city.


We hit up various tourist places such as the Chittenden/Ballard Locks and the Pike Place Market. We then met up with other furs from the con for an Oktoberfest dinner at a local German place. Much good beer was consumed. Dessert was overpriced chocolate martinis at a pretentious restaurant. It was then back to the con for a little more drinking around the fire pit. It was there that I got the news of pandaguy's passing thanks to someone's twitter post. That really put an end to the evening for me. I headed up to my room to see what had been posted online. I just wanted to fall asleep and call an end to the con. You will be missed, dear friend. May you spend eternity in that great Disneyworld in the sky where you have a Fast Pass to every ride and you get as many hugs as you want from all of the costumed characters.

I packed up early this morning and was on the road by 8. I had thought about combining 2 days I had planned for Portland into one, so I took a more easterly route. I ended up swinging by Mt St Helens which I hadn't visited in years. Wow. The area is really recovering! Back in 1980 people thought the mountain would forever be a wasteland. That is so far from reality! There are trees and vegetation growing up everywhere. Even the dome in the crater itself has grown to almost heal the wound from the explosion 30 years ago. I hiked there several times over the years including to the south rim summit. I need to go back to old photos to compare the differences. (I smell an LJ post!)

There was a forest fire burning in the area which made for some interesting photography. It also made for a vehicle that smells like it was parked next to a campfire. I am currently visiting my "adopted mom's" house in Portland. I lived here for a couple of months back in 1990. Tomorrow I head up into the mountains to visit another Sabot den (which doesn't exist anymore, but we'll pretend.)

Classic Seattle pic with Mt Rainier in the background


Mt Adams from the Mt St Helens Rd

Mt St Helens' north face

Mt St Helens' west side (note smoke in the valley)
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