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Furst Suiting of '04

Well, the fursuiting gig at the Rio Grande Nature Center went pretty well. There weren't a lot of visitors, and even the rest of the volunteers commented that attendance was down from last year. I wore Abbey, and the suit got rave reviews. I'm glad that I'm impressing folks with the quality of the fursuits I have purchased. While I buy them for myself, first and foremost, I'm glad when the mundane population appreciates them as well.

There weren't that many kids, but I did have a nice "talk" with a 4-year-old who wanted to tell me all about his new keychain that he just got with a picture of a hawk. I made him laugh when he asked what I ate and I stuck my muzzle in a trash can that was right there. He then asked if I wanted to have pizza with him for lunch. *sigh* I live for those moments. (the kids, not the pizza *LOL*)

I was also very happy to have been told I should definitely suit the Herbfest which is scheduled in May. I suited the event last year and roasted pretty good, almost to the point of hallucinating that I WAS Sabot.

I would like to welcome blaze_heartfire to my LJ world. MY 100TH FRIEND! *throws confetti and releases balloons* Not only that but he IM'd me last night and we chatted for quite a long time. I'll definitely have to hook up with him the next time I'm in LA.
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