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When one gets older it's certainly interesting to look back at one's past. I have now been working in the same office and living in the same house for 13 years. There is a lot of stability in my life. At one time in the past, however, that certainly was not the case. Part of this trip has involved re-visiting a turbulent part of my past which helped form the person I have become today. One of the most influential times in my life revolved around 1990.

I started the year working in Vale, OR, which I visited last week. After my temporary appointment ended, I headed back to Carbondale, IL to finish my master's degree. Once that was finished in May, I packed up and headed back west to work in the Mt Hood National Forest. When that assignment had been completed, I spent about a month unemployed, staying at my "adopted mom's" house which she and her partner had just bought that year. I then found employment in Yakima, WA. So in that one year I lived in 5 different places. To add to the drama I also wrecked my car during the year. It was quite the year in the life of a 25-year old.

Yesterday I revisited some more connections to 1990. First, I walked around my friends' property and found 3 evergreen trees that I had planted when they first moved in. I had joined something like the Arbor Day Foundation and they had sent me 10 seedlings about a foot high. I planted them around this small hill. 22 years later, 3 had survived. They were now about 20' high.

I also revisited the old ranger station where I worked during the Summer of '90. My office was now a store. I knew the government trailer I had lived in was quickly removed after us temporaries were laid off, but the pad/site was still there. I also walked a trail that lead from the office down to the Clackamas River. One of the more interesting things was finding the old picnic table in back of the office where I used to eat my lunch. It was sort of in a secluded spot that was not easily seen. I guess they had forgotten about it because there it was all covered in moss. The other interesting find of the day was an old mercury mine that I had visited/explored. It was hard to find because they had totally re-routed one of the roads that lead to it. It took a little detective work, but I found it!

Overall it was nice day spent in the forest. Part of me misses living in the remoteness of the woods, but on the other paw, traveling 20 miles each way to get groceries or to some sort of entertainment would get old very quickly.

Here's a pic of Mt Jefferson, a Cascade volcano to the south of Mt Rainier, Mt Adams, and Mt Hood.

The old picnic table where I used to eat lunch


The Clackamas River which is accessed by about a mile-long trail which took off from near the front of the office. It was also the 1st trail I ever mountain biked down.


My trees! They are the blue spruce center left. The 3rd one is hidden behind.


The site of my trailer home while working in the woods. It's right about where those sheds are located.

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