Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Oregon Coast

I had no real itinerary planned after I left my friends in Portland. At first I had thought about driving through the deserts of southern Oregon. Then I remembered a conversation I had had with whitetail at FC where he made it sound like he felt fairly isolated up in the wilds of northern CA. I also knew he lived very close to the ocean, so I thought it would be nice to stay with him for a day or 2 and use his den as a gateway to the coast. So I plotted a route that took me down the 101 for most of the length of the Oregon coast. I had done bits and pieces in the past, but never this long a segment. Once again it was a relax-o-drive except for tards in motorhomes or people who want to sightsee while driving instead of pulling over in any one of the zillion pulloffs along the way. There was also quite a bit of construction, but a few places where I had to wait there were gorgeous views of the Pacific.

I arrived at Whitetail's just before dinner, so after a bit of socializing we headed off to a local brewpub. The beer was good as was the company. The place was extremely loud, however, and a poor folk singer was having a hard time of it. To brighten her day I tossed a 20 into her tip jar.




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