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whitetail and myself spent a wonderful day exploring a bit of Redwoods National Park. The day started with a nice breakfast at a diner in Arcata, which is like the bum capitol of America. I have never seen such a small town so overrun with layabouts, stoners, hippies. Cartman would nuke the place from orbit. Humboldt State makes the University of Colorado-Boulder look like Oral Roberts University.

We then proceeded north to the tiny town of Trinidad to look for otters. No luck.

It was then on to Redwoods where I decided to do a little fursuiting. I think that makes national park #12. There were so few people around that it was a breeze hopping into suit and getting pics. The part of the park where I suited was also where the campground was where I stayed with my 2 aunts and cousin about 20 years ago. At first I didn't recognize it because it was not off the 101 like I had remembered. Then I was told that the entire highway had been moved years ago. It all made sense then.

After that we drove a narrow dirt road to the coast and a beautiful little spot named Fern Canyon. On the way in we saw a beautiful bull elk who didn't really care that we were within 50' of him. We hiked around there for awhile and then headed out. A lot more elk were now in the area including Big Daddy elk. We easily got within 20' of him (safely inside the vehicle). As we were leaving the park there was another very large herd chilling out in a campground next to the highway.

So how about some pics?

Find the fursuiter! It puts the size of the place into perspective!


Here. Let's make that a little easier.


Big tree...little bunny


The wind-swept coast


Fern Canyon




Big Daddy

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