Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

The Trip Home

I'm sitting in a motel room at the Best Western in lovely Tonapah, NV. I had a marathon 12-hour driving day and just wanted to crash for the night. I had expected more chain motels in this desert town in the middle of nowhere, but I was wrong. I could have stayed at the Clown Motel (I SHIT YOU NOT!) but decided against it. Oh well. You take what you can get when you're in the middle of nowhere. My other option was just camping somewhere in the desert. Had the sun not set before I got here, that might have been a viable option.

It certainly was an interesting day in terms of changing scenery. I left the coastal mountains and headed inland. It's a heck of a drive to get to Redding, CA. Once there I continued east along the flanks of Mt Lassen (southernmost of the Cascade volcanoes). The landscape was largely nice lush green forest until I dropped off towards Reno. Then the brown desert quickly took over. I followed Highway 50 again. It certainly IS the loneliest road in America. is until you get off on NV 361 which is even lonelier.

My only "sightseeing" for the day was a stop at the Keddie Wye which is famous to us "foaming furries" aka rail fans.


Unfortunately there were no trains due to track work going on (according to another railfan sitting at the site).

About the only other cool thing for the day was when I was heading west on that lonely Hwy 361. The Sun was setting and back-lighting all of the basin-and-range mountains off to the west. At the far west there was this massive "wall." I realized that I was looking at the east face of the Sierras. I should have grabbed a pic, but I would have been shooting almost directly into the setting Sun. *shrugs* Oh well. The image is in my head.
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