Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Almost Home

I did a 10-hour drive today to get as far as Flagstaff. I could have pushed on home, but that would have been a 15-hour drive. Meh. I would rather get a good night's sleep and have a nice safe, easy drive tomorrow. The roads this morning certainly defined "long and lonely." I mentioned a few posts back about a 120-mile stretch of highway without a gas station. Today it was 140 miles. I drove 120 miles and only saw 10 cars going the other way. I stopped to take a picture of the highway stretching off into the distance. I measured the distance to the point where the highway disappeared. It was 14 miles.

14 miles!

I saw a golden eagle feasting on some roadkill. I also saw a dead cow by the side of the road soon followed by a pickup truck parked on the side with a totally demolished front end. Ooops.

The scenery changed dramatically just to the east of Cedar City, UT. The road climbed up a canyon and quickly into high country. The aspens were green at the bottom, in full color glory about halfway up, and totally denuded by the time I reached the top.

Aspen Glory!

Just before I reached the turnoff for Zion N.P. I saw this sign. I did a serious doubletake and then went back for a pic. All I could think of was "WTF?!?"

This gives a whole new meaning to "Bitch! Bake me pie!" *pimpslap*


I then made a brief stop at Glen Canyon Dam to take a pic.


So now I'm getting nice and mellow with a few beers so I can leave bright and early to get home to my Kitty, my kitties, and my pup.
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