Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Old Skool Furry

Since I had so much time alone in the vehicle with my thoughts over the past few weeks, I had a few interesting questions pop up in my head. One concerned what the concept and/or perception of furry would be say 100 or 200 years ago. Heck, how about 1000-2000 years ago! Assuming our thoughts are nothing new, especially with something like furry since anthropomorphism is about as old as humankind itself, how would it have manifested itself in the past?

A common theme in furry is the "coming out" story. It was almost universal to read, "I thought I was the only one!" I can certainly vouch for that! I thought it was strange to want to own/wear a bearsuit. I'm not sure what would have happened if it weren't for the Internet. I partially lived that story since there was no Internet back in the 80's when my "furriness" really started to manifest itself. So I started imagining what it would be like in the past. At least I had anthro comics and Disney movies. What would be the outlet in, say, Victorian times? Would you go see plays where the actors dressed up in animal costumes? Would the concept of being "furry" be so shameful that you would keep it a deep dark secret akin to demon worship? I wonder if some ancient Greeks or Romans got a little "excited" by the prospect of being transformed by the gods. "Yes, Artemis! Transform me into a bear like Callisto! If not a bear, how about a deer like Acteon!" Lots of good transformation stories back then!
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