Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


No, it's not my annual post about finding furry, although it WAS a year ago that I did find fur in the form of 3 kittens. It was actually a year ago yesterday that we brought 2 out of the 3 home from the shelter. The third would come home a few days later after getting "tutored." It's been interesting to see how their personalities have developed. Boot was a holy terror for the first week or 2. He came down with an upper respiratory infection which really hit him hard. Fling, his sister, was then able to put her rambunctious brother in his place. He also tried to bully his older, bigger brother which didn't get him anywhere. Eventually he settled down into a real love/cuddle bug. Fling went through a period where she wanted nothing to do with people. She eventually came around and loves to be petted. She also became the huntress and wants to spend as much time as possible outside. Yoink is still a cuddlebug who loves to be yoinked and held. He used to love to go outside until he got treed by the neighbor's dog. Now he is much more wary. Throwing all three strangers together into the mix at the same time has worked out nicely. Everyone established their own hierarchy/territory very quickly, and they all get along. Now to just keep them safe from the yotes.

Speaking of yotes, I think they are re-establishing a pack. Yesterday Mesa took off after one and soon found himself in the middle of 4 of them. He's got hunting in his blood so he was fearless. I also doubt that any yote could match his 90 lbs. There was no fight, just a lot of chasing each other. I made myself known which confused them. They couldn't keep track of 2 adversaries, so they eventually trotted off. We'll have to see how bold these guys get. I posted a few weeks ago that we saw yotes just hanging out on a street corner a couple of blocks away in broad daylight.
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