Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Death of the mesa

Don't worry. The dog is fine. The mesa I'm referring to is the open area in back of the house where I have been walking for the past 13 years. I knew this day would eventually come, and now I fear that time has run out for what I have considered to be my own open space.

The Friday before last I noticed a survey crew working up there. There's nothing unusual about that since I have seen them up there marking off pieces of property as well as the boundary to the national monument. This time, however, they were marking off the centerlines for all of the roads up there. I got an uneasy feeling about that. They were then back all of last week marking off every single intersection. Well, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll be starting work anytime soon. Wrong. I noticed a new fenced area today just off of the new road they opened up several months ago. It looks like it will be a staging area for heavy equipment. There was already a small drill rig parked in there. Due to the shallow bedrock in the area, I know they will be doing some blasting, and this rig will bore the holes into which the charges will be placed.

I have been photo-documenting the area for years now. I decided to take the camera up there today and shoot a bunch of pics at all of the intersections. I also took a couple of sets of panorama shots. Here's one set taken at the far southwest corner of the development. It's right along the boundary of the national monument, so not everything in the pics will be developed. NOTE: The mattress in the pic (center/left) is where I found Mesa in 2007.









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