Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Remembering Stalking Cat

I was a bit shocked when I heard yesterday that Stalking Cat had taken his own life a week ago. I cannot say that I was "friends" with him, but he was someone who I would always say "Hello!" to at a con and perhaps yerf for a bit. He did play a part in my memories of my earliest days of the fandom.

Just under 10 years ago I started chatting with a fur from southern California named "cat." He seemed like a really nice guy. I told him that I would be attending my very first furry con, Confurence '03, and would love to meet up with him. He said that would be great. Seeing that I didn't know that many people, I was desperately trying to build up a circle of friends and acquaintances.

I mentioned to someone that I'm meeting up with "cat" and someone asks, "Oh! You mean the Catman?" Huh? I then found his website and freaked out a bit. Holy moly! This guy totally tipped the scale over on weird! This was furry to the extreme! I was still trying to overcome my fear of the whole furry world and this was not helping much. It did help, however, bust down that wall I had erected over 30+ years of Catholic control and the struggle to be "normal." It was all good. I had to learn to accept people's eccentricities since I was truly a weirdo myself.

I get to the con and "Cat" was not hard to find. I went up to him and introduced myself to him as the guy he has been chatting with online. I went on and on about how nice it was to finally meet him in furson. About this time another fur walks up and the 2 exchange greetings. Cat introduces me to his friend and tells me that his name is also "cat." This person then says, "Oh! Sabot! We finally meet!" My head hurts. It turns out that "cat" was also known as "Old cat." While "Cat" was known as Stalking Cat. Fortunately they were friends. "Oh! This happens all the time!" they joked with me. So that's how I came to know Stalking Cat.

It was cool to know him since he was such a celebrity. When I showed people pics from the con they were blown away that I actually met THE Cat Guy! Of course I then saw him on various t.v. programs. It was always nice to meet him at a con since he liked to "melt me" by rubbing his claws through my hair. He was just a nice guy. A bit pretentious at times, but usually very nice. I hate to hear about yet another death amongst the "old skool" furs especially under these circumstances. Once again...I hereby declare a moratorium on my furry friends dying!
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