Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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As the final book of my Summer reading program, I finished up with Orwell's "1984." I would keep up my reading, but I can't find a nice comfortable and quiet place in the house and it's getting too dark too early (and too cold) to read outside on the patio after work. I must say that it was a very interesting book. I had seen the movie starring John Hurt and Richard Burton and it followed the story very closely.

One part of the book that made me pause was the part concerning the doublespeak "war is peace." It stated that keeping the country in a state of perpetual war was the best way to keep the economy going as well as keep the people under control by focusing all the angry energy toward a foreign adversary. The economy part was what made me cringe because it essentially refers to the military industrial complex which is in place today. Look at some of the talk about the "fiscal cliff." Oh noez! We can't cut the military budget because that would cost X jobs at Boeing!

It was also interesting reading that it would be easier to control the population if everyone had nothing as opposed to everyone having food, housing, education, etc. Of course I also thought about the Bush administration when I read about repeating a falsehood until it became the truth. It also became clear that the folks of Fox News have read the book many times and embrace the concept of Ingsoc.

I think where Orwell missed the boat was in the rise of corporations as opposed to governments. On the other paw I can foresee corporations AS governments like portrayed in movies like "Rollerball" (the original not the horrible remake) or suggested in "Network" (I'm thinking the speech by Ned Beatty). I also found it funny that there is no need for telescreens as predicted by Orwell. We do very well on our own posting personal things on LJ, Facebook, YouTube, etc. All hail Big Brother!
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