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Live from FC....

Greetings from FC. I am typing this from albear's laptop using the hotel's wireless network. Here's the update so far.

tenax arrived at my den on Tue morning and we hit the road at about 8. The weather was pretty shitty. We hit snow immediately. The highway was a little slushy near Grants, but cleared by the time we hit Gallup. When we got to Needles AZ it was 60 and sunny. There was more rain in the Mojave Desert. Right after Barstow, Tenax started feeling a little ill. He warned me he might need a barf bag. I quickly pulled off the highway. In a scene right out of CSI, Tenax bailed out of my truck and began spewing while on all fours. I then noticed that he didn't quite make it and there was barf all over the inside of the truck. He himself was covered in ralph (and we're not talking about his fursuit). We cleaned up as much as we could. We immediately started joking. I started saying, "First you were yerfing, then you were yarfing!" Tenax joked that I finally had him alone in my truck in his underwear, and I probably wouldn't want to yiff him since he was covered in puke.

Anyway....on a much nicer note, Wednesday was a good drive. Tenax drove as I tried to squick passing cars while wearing Abbey's head. We did get a few good double takes. We arrived at the hotel at about 1. After we checked in, we hit Costco for party supplies. We just waited around for everyone else to show up. Tenax and I were the 1st fursuiters at the con!!! Woohoo! We beat Dex Coon by about 15 minutes. By 10p everyone was there and the party started. We had people coming in and out all night. The party finally broke up about 3am.

On Thur. we got a group together to hit the local Denny's. There were about a dozen of us. We had one woman come over and talk to us about what all of the tails were all about. The rest of the day was spent randomly fursuiting and just hanging out. After the opening ceremonies the party started agina in our room. I don't know how many furs came in and out throughout the evening, but it was always rocking. The party broke up sometime around 2 or 3.

And now it's time to hit Costco again for more supplies.
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