Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Portlandia: Season 2

Over the weekend I watched all of the second season of "Portlandia." I had posted previously about this show, singing its praises as brilliant t.v. Season 2 did not disappoint. The hipness and coolness of the show can best be demonstrated by an episode which dealt with a couple getting completely and totally hooked on "Battlestar Galactica." They start with one episode and become instantly hooked. This leads to another episode, and another, and another. Finally they lose their jobs and start to live in front of their t.v. When they hit that last episode they track down the writer so he can write more shows. The main writer was Ron Moore and they track down a Ron Moore in Portland who is just some random old black guy. He humors them, however, and starts to write a screenplay. The show then turns on the cool factor by getting Edward James Olmos and James Callis to do a reading of the script. There is also some random guy from a local theater company there to help out. It turns out that the random guy IS the actual Ron Moore from the show. Olmos is hysterical as he treats the fans with utter disgust. In the end they all sit in front of the t.v. watching "Dr Who" craving "just one more episode" with Olmos passed out asleep on the sofa. I'm anxiously waiting for season 3 which is set to air in Jan. Wait! Does that make me a fanboi as well?!? ;oP
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