Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Fursuiting High Water Mark

Last night was the culmination of 10 years of hard work. That might be a little over-dramatic, but it certainly felt that way. I have been working diligently ever since I first got my fursuit to build up a reputation on my way for some sort of legitimacy. I didn't want to be just some weirdo in a bearsuit but a performer who would be welcome at events to provide entertainment. Last night was just that sort of event.

It was so refreshing to actually get a call from the City to ask if we would perform for the annual tree lighting ceremony. We had done it for the past couple of years and from how things sound, people are actually expecting us to be there. A phone message from one of the event coordinators said that we were part of the Old Town tradition. Wow. That was great to hear. Years of making contacts has also come into play. For years I worked with a person from Animal Humane to suit at their big events. That person now is one of the main people who coordinates events for the whole City. Last night we even met up with her, and she was so happy to see us, especially surrounded by dozens and dozens of happy families.

The event last night could best be classified as wonderful insanity. Perhaps it was the unseasonably warm weather, but it seemed like half of the City came out for the lighting of the tree. Part of our "legitimacy" was that we were actually on the schedule of events which also entitled us to free parking and a shuttle bus to take us right to the event. As soon as we stepped onto the Plaza we were mobbed for pics. We slowly made our way to the tree, but I settled for standing a ways away since the crowd was insane. I positioned us near a news truck, however, which eventually earned us a few seconds on Channel 7. At one point I gained a little elevation and glanced out over the entire Plaza area. I got a nervous lump in my throat when all I saw was a sea of heads going off into the darkness. I had never seen THAT many people in the Plaza. For just over 2 hours it was non-stop picture taking and hugs. I was definitely on a "performer's high." Finally we slowly made our way back to the shuttle bus, stopping every few feet for yet another picture.

Many thanks to our handlers especially sophie_manx who braved the crowds to keep us safe. Also thanks to the other suiters, scritchwuff, frost_t_husky, tweekowolf, Busa, and Stalmare. Of course Kitty was there handling as well, but she was also there to sing with the choir. I'll let her post about that in her own LJ including her getting t.v. time for another performance earlier in the day.

My camera battery died early in the evening, so we didn't get that many pics.

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